Our Dental Technology at Worden Dentistry

At Worden Dentistry, we’re committed to offering the top dental technologies and advanced treatments to our patients. We’re constantly investing in the latest tools to keep our office up-to-date — doing so not only maximizes treatment outcomes but also cultivates a top-notch experience for our patients. When you receive care from Worden Dentistry, you’re receiving some of the most technologically advanced care in Tyler, TX!

3D digital x-ray scannerAs dental technology continues to advance, treatments generally become more affordable, more effective, and more efficient. With our precision diagnostics and advanced tools, you can receive your treatments faster at our office!

3D Digital X-Rays

X-rays are a dental technology that help increase accurate diagnosis as well as clinical safety. At Worden Dentistry, we use advanced 3D x-ray technologies and cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) to expose our patients to less radiation, make x-rays quick and comfortable, and make your x-ray images available to Dr. Worden immediately.

3D Scanner

Instead of relying on the old, traditionally uncomfortable methods of creating smile impressions, we utilize ultra-effective and non-invasive technology to digitally scan teeth into 3D models. This means you’ll never have to endure the sticky, putty-like impression materials of the past.

Sedation Dentistry

Our treatment rooms are equipped with laughing gas, so you can elect to receive laughing gas sedation during any procedure.

Experience Top Dental Technologies in Tyler, TX

If you’re ready to receive modern dental treatment in a relaxing atmosphere, call Worden Dentistry today to schedule your appointment!

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