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$500 Off Clear Aligners

Ready for the straighter smile you've always wanted? Take $500 off your SureSmile clear aligner treatment when you begin on the same day as your orthodontic consultation. If you are paying in full and are uninsured, we'll take $500 off! 

Worden Dentistry offers comprehensive orthodontic treatment to help patients of all ages straighten their teeth and maintain healthy, aligned smiles! If your child is in need of early orthodontic treatment or you are ready to finally get the straight smile you deserve, Dr. Worden will be there for you every step of the way.

man smiling after getting braces from Worden Dentistry in Tyler, TXWe treat crooked teeth and misaligned bites using the following trusted systems:

  • SureSmile® Clear Aligners
  • Traditional Metal Braces

Come see why we offer the top family orthodontics near Tyler, TX and beyond!

Your Orthodontic Consultation

Before you or your child begin your treatment plan, you'll complete a comprehensive orthodontic consultation with Dr. Worden. Our Tyler, TX orthodontic expert will use cutting-edge instruments to accurately assess your teeth and create your custom treatment plan.

Even better, instead of relying on the old methods of creating smile impressions, we utilize ultra-effective and non-invasive technology to digitally scan teeth into 3D models. Our technologies help make your images available to Dr. Worden right away!

During your consultation, we'll ask you a series of lifestyle-related questions to ensure that your chosen orthodontic treatment system is right for you. This will also be a great time for you to ask as many questions as you'd like. After all, successful outcomes depend on both the dentist and the patient!

Metal Braces

For patients suffering from crooked teeth, crowded teeth, jaw concerns, or a more significantly misaligned bite, our orthodontist may recommend traditional metal braces. Even with numerous teeth straightening systems available on the market today, metal braces are still the most common type of orthodontic treatment.

If you’re picturing metal braces of the past, picture this instead: modern metal braces are flatter and smaller, making them much more comfortable and discreet. And with brackets and bands that can even be customized for color, kids and teens will have a more positive attitude and feel more confident during their treatment.

SureSmile® In Tyler, TX

SureSmile clear alignersAn-ultra discreet smile straightening option is the SureSmile® clear aligner system. Similar to Invisalign®, these comfortable, clear, removable trays are swapped out in sequence over 12-18 months.

Each tray will gradually move your smile toward more proper alignment until your treatment is completed. SureSmile trays are designed to be worn throughout the day and night, but you can still remove them to care for them, to clean your teeth, and to eat — meaning they’ll seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle. Achieve a straighter smile in less time than traditional metal braces, and without any hassle!

Retainers & Post-Orthodontic Treatment

Once you've completed the alignment phase of your orthodontic treatment, Dr. Worden will recommend a retainer to help keep your smile straight and healthy into the future!

How Much Does Orthodontic Treatment Cost?

The average out-of-pocket cost for orthodontic treatments like braces and SureSmile® will vary depending on the following criteria:

  • The system selected
  • Your treatment timeline
  • Forms of necessary post or pre-orthodontic care

Worden Dentistry is committed to providing fair, transparent orthodontics costs breakdowns to all patients. We also work with most major dental insurance companies and accept low-interest financing plans through Sunbit. If you're uninsured, we even accept all major credit cards and offer a selection of in-house savings options.

After your orthodontic consultation, our friendly team will carefully design a treatment plan with all of the information you’ll need to make a well-informed decision.

Reveal Your Beautiful, Straight Smile!

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